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February 4, 2013

OTTAWA, Ont. – Foreign  Affairs Minister and local Member of Parliament John Baird today announced that  important government investments in the Canadian Armed Forces’ fleet of Light  Armoured Vehicles will not only keep Canada’s men and women in uniform safe;  they’re creating jobs right here in Ottawa.

“For our government, the  economy is Job One,” said Baird. “We are also taking unprecedented action to  keep our troops safe when we send them overseas to do the tough work we ask of  them.”

He added: “This announcement  delivers on both fronts and is a win for all involved.”

EODC Inc. of Ottawa, Ontario, has been awarded this $3.75 million subcontract  by General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada  in support of the Light Armoured Vehicle III Upgrade Project. This sub-contract is sustaining 60 positions at EODC’s Ottawa facility.

Baird  made the announcement on behalf of the Honourable Bernard Valcourt, Associate Minister of National Defence and Minister of  State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) (La Francophonie) and was joined  by Royal Galipeau, Member of Parliament for Ottawa-Orleans.

“Our investments in renewing the Canadian Armed  Forces’ capabilities on land, sea and air are building a first-class,  modern military that is ready to take on the challenges of the 21st Century – while supporting Canadian workers across the country,” said Minister Valcourt.

“Our Government is leveraging large-scale  investments and positioning Canadian industry to take advantage of not only  current but emerging value chains,” said the Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry. “The  Industrial and Regional Benefits Policy provides Canadian companies with access  to lucrative business opportunities, ensuring that 100 per cent of contracts  result in direct and indirect business activity in Canada.”

EODC Inc. will be providing armour modules for the Light Armoured  Vehicle III Upgrade Project. These high quality armour components will protect  against ballistic threats, as well as the fragmenting effects of Improvised  Explosive Devices, enhancing the overall survivability of the vehicle.

“Canadian  soldiers need the best tools for the job and deserve the best vehicle we can  give them,” said Danny Deep, vice president of General Dynamics Land  Systems-Canada. “The LAV III Upgrade Project will enhance the LAV III fleet’s  survivability, operational capability and long-term performance. With our  Canadian design and manufacturing base and over 500 suppliers located in every province of Canada,  we are proud to say that the best armoured vehicles in the world are made in Canada.”