Life Cycle Support

Soldier walks in front and beside  an armored vehicle along a road in the desert

MEXAS-protected Coyote light-armoured vehicle on-mission in Afghanistan

Our commitment to excellence does not end when we ship our products to our customers. Analyzing product performance, making the necessary repairs – and making the product better – are all part of the repair and overhaul process (R&O) that is key to our life cycle support.

We perform a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of all light-armoured and heavy-tracked vehicle armour returning from Canadian operations. Every panel is inspected by specially-trained personnel in order to determine its continued service capacity.

Serviceable armour panels undergo a complete revitalization process to ensure continued resistance to both wear and the elements. Unserviceable panels are demilitarized to ensure that no details related to the construction or capabilities of the armour system remain.